You dads, and by implication you moms as well, are told to not provoke your kids to wrath.  That means you shouldn’t be careless or cruel with your discipline.  The Bible indeed teaches the need to discipline a disobedient child, and it does promote spanking.  You can spank a child in a careful, proper way that gets the point across without injuring the poor kid.  However, if you find it is more effective to make them go a week without a cell phone, feel free to go with whichever works best.  The point is that you make them understand there is a consequence for sin, which also implies you should teach them as you discipline them so they can learn how to improve.  You shouldn’t beat your kids, and you shouldn’t discipline them out of anger.  Know the difference between a child’s disobedience, or careless irresponsibility, and them simply having a genuine accident.  They are human beings that look up to you for guidance, so if you bully them like they’re your property, God will not be happy with that and He will make you answer for that.

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