Colossians 2:16-17 point out that the Sabbath is a part of the things that were used in the Old Testament as a shadow of Christ in the New Testament.  The things of the Law were used to teach us about what was to come, as Galatians echoes.  Now that we actually have Jesus, the Bible says we don’t need to keep the Mosaic Covenant.  As far as the Sabbath goes, you don’t need to keep it, but Colossians says not to argue over it.  If someone feels like they should observe it, that’s fine, but they shouldn’t condemn others for not doing the same.  For that matter, what day of the week you meet for church is not worth arguing about either.  Whether it’s Saturday, Sunday or every day, agree on it and meet on it, but don’t fuss about it.

    Did you enjoy the ridiculously easy selection of answers on that last question?  I’m in such a good mood, I might do it again.  If you are risen with Christ, what should you seek?

-Those things which are above-

-Those things which are below-