(Girls: Congratulations for the Graduations! ️🎉️🎉)

(Charity: It’s plural since there are several graduates.  We weren’t just goofing with grammar. 😉 )

    Onesimus was a runaway slave that became a believer in Jesus and a helper to Paul.  He shows up here and there in various books of the Bible, and he is the main subject of the book of Philemon as Paul seeks to restore the relationship between Onesimus and his master.  So, this guy has a story similar to that of John Mark who is also mentioned at the end of Colossians.  Both are introduced to us as they make some selfish decisions, but they both mature in Christ and become very useful, as opposed to Demas who is also listed in our book.  2 Timothy tells the worldly path he chose.

    I’m happy for you that you graduated from our class, and I encourage you to let us know in the comments.  You should follow our site if you haven’t already, then choose your next quiz mode.  However, I wish to tell you something about myself.  You see, I also had a mischievous introduction when I joined the System Guards.  I mentioned that I resemble Missy closely enough that we sometimes swap places on certain missions, but I have to admit that when I first joined the team, I originally used my looks in an attempt to steal AB away from Missy while they were still just friends with a mutual interest in one another.  Yeah, I wasn’t very nice about it either.  Now, while the SG Bios page will at least reference this fact, the secret for our lesson here is that we were specifically on a very difficult mission in some crazy jungle when Missy and I finally had to deal with the rivalry I had started.  It’s funny how adversity has a way of bringing enemies together sometimes, so I’m thankful for that little ordeal.  So yeah, I got over myself and became best pals with Miss.  So now, you know, he he!  Okay, on to following us and choosing the next mode you go! 🙂

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