Introducing all the (main) peoples that have helped us in this fantastical, amazing, crazily constructed quiz of higher learning of theological matters, and then some, I now present to youuuuuuu 😆️🎉  ALMOST EVERYBODY!!


Thank you.

    First off, we have all the little people, the Lightspeed Littles!!  Don’t worry if you see the villains here.  They’re just paid actors, unlike the larger folks, such as Moses and Joshua, from the first few quizzes.  Thanks to them, too, by the way.

    Next, we shall start our host roll with the bunch from the Law of Moses division.  I give you, along with their mini-versions for reference, James Scott, AB, Keb, Missy and Hannah Austin!

    For our Old Testament Historical Books, we go from the mini-forms to all grown up!  Say hello and goodbye to Fiona, Cici, Jaqueline Scar, Tea, Ally, King and Iris Scott, Canbel and Meg Scott, Shoro the Shark, Junior, and lastly for this bunch, Sabrina Hope.  I convinced Cici to show her natural hair color since you guys are familiar with our science stuff by now.

    Budgeting both time and space, here are all the Prophets together!  Ha ha, you know what I mean.  Hello, Amy Scott, Justice, sisters Ivory and Vivi Nocturne, Patriarch, Ina, Leon Flash, Ashley Zoo, Kinzy, Mermaid, Noin, Charon, Pac, Roger, Umido, Yumiko, Lady Vahnna, Susie and Jovo.  *Deep breath*

    Seeing how I threw Susie and JV Rocket into the Prophets category to save time, despite their quizzes being between the Testaments, we can now introduce the Gospel hosts!  What’s up, Mizer, A.J. Scar, Eric and his wife Woushka Johnst?

(Gigi: And Cerine.)

And Cerine!  Thank you for your act of kindness, Gigi.

(Gigi: He he!  I get it!  Cerine hosted Acts.)

    Next, we have all the Paulies, Greco Romana, I.C. Mendez, Kimmy K., Flash and his lovely Mimi Gomez, Fun Sanchez, Miss Mimi, Tommy, Mike, Tsuno, Ten, Tai, Techbot and the one person you know should be in this group, Teran Rydden!  Not only did we take this final opportunity to make another authorship joke for Hebrews, this was also a good excuse to reintroduce the special guests separately.  Good job, Teran!

    Making up the hosts for the General Epistles, Revelation and one quiz after, we have our special folks from Storyboard X and the Milky Way’s New Ruyngard saying, “Howdy do!” one more time.  These are the Scotts: Xames, Rig, Baby Brother Bobby Mike, Mera, Megan, Tina, Lori, Sarah, Christian and Christopher.  Sarah is techincally Sarah Scott Charton now, but that is neither here nor there.

(Elf: What does that phrase even mean?)

(Gigi: *Whispers* I’m not sure she knows either.)

Did I forget to introduce anyone?  I bet you feel like someone is missing.  Well…

(Beverly: New Ru, signing out!)

(JD: Julie Dragonfly on the left, praying you continue to serve God!)

(LB: Lady Bug on the right, praying you keep that passion to know Him more.)

(Bev: And Honeybee here, thanking you all for making this Lightspeed Lab Bible Challenge…)


(Scott: And I’m Scott Prince.  Thanks for playing!)

Alright then, time to park the car, guys.

(Jo: Well, I guess I will see you all again when Cat starts up our next adventure.  Until then, this is Jo on the screen, signing out.)

(Gigi: Bye!  We will see you really soon, just right after all the quizzes and other items are adjusted!)

(Elf: I’m really looking forward to being partners with you guys, so be patient until everything is prepared for our great new journey together.  Seeya!)

    That’s right; your new stars of the show, Elfie and Gigi, will return in a bit with that grand tale to tell you, he he.  Okie dokie, I am going to turn things over to the real host of this series, James, as I go harass Gramps about how long he’ll probably take to get to my–er, I mean–the kids’ story ready.

(AB: Why are you putting the blame on me?)

    Well, considering even Scott and Bev are ancient history to me, that’s just how long you’ve taken to finish the work.

(AB: But the story is in your future.  What does the past have to do with taking so long?)

That’s what I’ve been trying to figure out.  Why are you taking so long?!

(AB: Ugh, James, please take the camera now.)

    James Scott here!  My, the future is looking bright, or should I say fiery?  At any rate, I greatly thank you for hanging out with all my coworkers and family in this wacky rendition of a Bible lesson.  While we did take the liberty of throwing in our commercials for the comics on this site, which we do explain in context of biblical matters, I hope that has not distracted from the important part of this class, the precious truths of the Word of God.  In fact, I pray our goofy antics have been the merry medicine your heart has needed to make learning the facts of the Bible easy and enjoyable.  With all that said, thank you for taking our Lightspeed Lab Bible Challenge.  Feel free to rehearse the lessons to brush up on your Bible knowledge, or browse through our smaller lessons for any specific topics about which you are curious.

    As we close out this series, I am so very pleased to see you learn about the star of the Scriptures and the heart of our website, the Lord Jesus Christ.  He is the Promised Messiah, the Son of God, and the only one who died to take away your sins.  He rose from the dead to give you life, and He offers it freely to anyone who will simply accept His gift for themselves personally by faith.  I hope you have done that, but if not, you can do that right now wherever you’re currently sitting or standing and have the ultimate victory.

I pray you love and follow God with every ounce of your being.

Seeya next time!

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