The Bible says that in the end times, Israel will look on the LORD, Jehovah, whom they have pierced.  That is the specific wording of that verse, by the way.  This is one of many clear references in the Old Testament to Jesus Christ as the Messiah.  He is clearly God, and He will save Israel and give them the long awaited promised kingdom.  As of this recording, the nation of Israel that had been dead since the Roman Empire days is finally resurrected and back in the land, but as Ezekiel points out, this is not the completed promise.  The nation might be back, but it will not be fully restored until the Messiah returns to restore everything.

    Whew!  You can take our Ezekiel lesson for more about that.  I’m just advertising for everyone right now.

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    I apparently neglected your quiz.  Yes, play the Leviticus quiz as well.  So, before you take any other quiz, how about we finish this one?  Ha ha!  You have completed the beginner mode, which means you are an official graduate.  Good job!  Now, make sure you’re following us and pick what option you want to do next.  Also, my secret for this mode is that my favorite animal out of everything I watch in Keb’s zoo is the chipmunk.  I have a whole army of them, and they are so adorable!  Okay, time for the next part of the quiz.

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