(Scott: In case you missed it in the beginner mode…)

(Bev: New Ru, represent!)

(JD: Julie Dragonfly! 🐉🦋)

(Scott: She’s the green bean.)

(LB: Lady Bug! 🐞)

(Scott: She’s the one obviously dressed like a ladybug.)

(Bev: And the Honeybee! 🐝)

(Scott: That’s Beverly’s nickname.  I still go by Scott Prince, myself.)

(Bev: And together we are…)

(All three: ️🎉️🎉️🎉 TONS OF FUN!! ️🎉️🎉️🎉)

(Scott: The other two are the Game Over Police.)

(Bev: You are a wonderful commentator, bro.)

(Scott: Thanks, sis.)

(JD: Now is the time for you guys to be on your best behavior.)

(LB: You wouldn’t want Julie and me to arrest you and throw you back to the title page, would you?)

(Bev: We’ll see if you quizzers can avoid our intimidating duo here.  Ask the first question, Scott.)

(Scott: What happened after the Apostle John finished writing Revelation?)

-He went straight to heaven and stayed there-

-Nothing happened and we live in A.D. 200-

-He died of old age and the church grew in spite of Rome-

-He threw rocks in the sea-

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