(Bev: He he!  All this time, you thought history was terrifying to learn.  Good job for completing the easy mode. 😆)

(Scott: Let us know in the comments that you beat this level, and follow our page if you haven’t already by adding your email on the side of the page and hitting the follow button nearby.  We have all sorts of crazy things to bring to you in the near future, so you don’t want to miss out.)

(Bev: In fact, we have crazy things to tell you in this quiz. 🤐 If you skipped the beginner class, you may still want to at least skim the second half to read the secret we share at the end of that.  We have a fun bit of information we share in the hard mode as well, so between beginner mode and hard mode, that’s two secrets to learn.  Now, go ahead and tell us which mode you want to start next so you can find out what those secrets are. 🔎🕵️🏻🙂)

-Continue the beginner mode-

-Jump to the hard mode-

-Back to the book collection-

-Back to the arcade-

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