(Bev: So, in 1776, America declared its independence and became the country we know today, though originally with 13 states instead of 50.  Were these Americans the first people on the continent?  No, the Native Americans were here first.  Did America commit horrors such as the betrayal of their Native American neighbors and the enslavement of millions of Africans?  Yes, this is a sad truth in the nation’s history that should not be denied or downplayed.  Does this negate the reality of the religious intentions of the initial group of settlers we commonly refer to as the Pilgrims?  No, this does not mean that at all.)

(Scott: Just as the Reformers were met with violent opposition, they and their descendants didn’t always handle differing religious beliefs as well as they should have, resulting in people coming to America in hopes of religious freedoms.  However, they also had moments of harassing each other in this country over religious beliefs.  Also, the new arrivals did try to coexist peacefully with the Native Americans at first, with the new nation only turned significantly hostile much later due to new, wicked philosophies being taught in the schools and churches encouraging the mindset of superior and inferior races.)

(Bev: So yes, America does have a dark history of mistreating other people groups, and there were some explorers that came to this land out of mere greed, but that does not automatically erase the fact that there were individuals among them with purer intentions.)

(Scott: The conflict between those multiple motives might be best evidenced in the nation’s big event of the mid-nineteenth century.  What took place from 1861 to 1865?)

-The Revolutionary War-

-The American Reformation-

-The Great Awakening-

-The American Civil War-

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