(Scott: The answer is, finally, Billy Graham.  Ha ha!  Some of the other names we threw in those answers were names of real people that impacted the world for Christ.  While we could take up quite a bit of time naming more people, it’d be more efficient to let you look for them.  Also, you’d be surprised how many people in secular history crossover into the category of Christian historical figures.  In saying that, I’ll point out that we may not agree with or promote everything that these believers from history may have done or believed, but it is a very healthy topic to research as you can learn from their good example as well as from their mistakes, measuring it all by the standard of the Word of God.  Okay, Bev, what is the next question?)

(Bev: What is the next major event God tells us to look for in Bible history?)

-The cows come home-

-We land on Pluto-

-When pigs fly-

-Jesus is coming back!-

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