(Bev: Look, our website would not exist if not for John Bunyan.  His story is the allegorization of Bible truths into a fashion that is fun and understandable for children, as well as for those who may need a lighthearted starter pack to learning what God has to say.  This is the reason we started Inner Man Theatre, because sometimes you need a crazy girl from outer space to make you smile from her friends acting like clowns as you learn about subjects that are usually worded in such fancy, advanced terminology that you need a college degree just to keep up with them.)

(Scott: Even the creator of our series, whom we call the System Director, was impacted by Bunyan’s book being read to him as a boy.  We definitely promote that book, its sequel and the biography of the man who wrote it.  For that matter, have you ever considered starting a habit of reading the biographies of Christians throughout history?  I can not express to you the phenomenon you are missing by neglecting this.  Let me give you an example of those heroes of the faith.  Who is referred to as the Father of Modern Missions?)

-Father Abraham-

-Billy Graham-

-William Carey-

-Mister Missions-

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