(Bev: Jan Hus, also spelled John Huss, is the man we are talking about.  Scott, as we get into some of the lesser known Christian aspects of world history, I’m sad 😞 that we didn’t have time to describe all the moments in secular history that God clearly intervened 🙂, like with the Spanish Armada or the tornado that saved Washington during the War of 1812.  I just hope our eager quizzers look into these intriguing events after they are done with this quiz.)

(Scott: Unfortunately, Jan Hus also brings us to the next topic of the quiz.  From the time Christ ascended into heaven, His followers were being imprisoned and slaughtered, and that is something that persists around the globe, even to this very day.  However, the saddest part of this is that the church has been just as guilty of killing each other over doctrinal views as those that kill Christians out of hatred for the whole Bible.  Who wrote a famous book about Christians who were killed for their faith?)

-John Foxe-

-John Calvin-

-John Watts-

-John Brown-

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