(Bev: New Ru, represent!)

(JD: Julie Dragonfly! 🐉🦋)

(Scott: She’s on the left.)

(LB: Lady Bug! 🐞)

(Scott: She’s the red one.)

(Bev: And the Honeybee! 🐝)

(Scott: That’s, you know, my sister there in the middle.)

(Bev: And together we are…)

(All three: ️🎉️🎉️🎉 TONS OF FUN!! ️🎉️🎉️🎉)

(Scott: And I’m still here, just to the side of the camera.)

(Bev: While Scott and I host this show, my girls are going to be the Game Over Police that arrest you when you violate our terms of agreement in the other two modes by missing too many questions.  Until then, just sit back and relax as we bring you up to speed on everything that’s happened since the pen stopped writing in Revelation.)

(Scott: I’m sure you will find this to be a fun time.)

(Bev: Tons of fun.)

(JD: Yeah, we won’t harass you too much until it’s game over time.)

(LB: We’re just here to cheer for you as you learn everything.)

(Bev: And with that said, let’s jump on the first question.  Scott, would you like to begin our lesson?)

(Scott: What happened after the Apostle John finished writing Revelation?)

-He went straight to heaven and stayed there-

-Nothing happened and we live in A.D. 200-

-He died of old age and the church grew in spite of Rome-

-He threw rocks in the sea-

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