Here’s a moment of transparency when I confess that I hope it was easier for you to take this quiz than it was for me to record it.  Yeah, there was just so much information to put together for this, I had a hard time picking what to include and what to skip, as well as what to mention on the sidelines.  Hopefully, that makes you curious to see what parts of Acts I left for you to discover on your own.  Remember; we are here to help you understand the Bible better, but it’s ultimately up to you to read it and study it yourself.  But then again, for you to ace this quiz, that tells me that you already study the Scripture, so I’m proud of you. 🙂  Keep it up!

    For my second quiz, I may not seem like it, but ever since my husband, Teran, was given the honor of having a suit made after AB’s old android mentor, Shadow, I have taken an interest in becoming a much more intense warrior myself, even resulting in me winning a sparring competition or two when we ladies compete.  Of course, being a constant casualty on the battlefield was good motivation, too.  Do you know how embarrassing it is to tell your husband, “I’m sorry I died yet again, but thanks for using the time device to bring me back”?  Ha ha, you’re now looking at me with those “She’s such an odd geek” eyes.  Just read our comics, and you’ll understand, ha ha!  That said, you should follow us to ensure you are up-to-date with our newest lessons, and you should read our comics to see what nonsense we come up with for your leisure.  We try to keep it all biblically sound with physics and all, despite how it sounds, ha ha!  ALSO, you should tell me you won in the comments.  I want to celebrate with you.

    Okay, I suppose it is time to let you go about your business now.  Thanks for taking my quiz and allowing me to be your teacher for the day.  May God bless your efforts to grow closer to him!


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