The first companion was Paul’s mentor, Barnabas, back when Paul was still Saul.  Barney’s nephew, John Mark, did travel with them for a while, but he was never a main sidekick.  After Barnabas left due to a dispute with Paul over J.M.’s immaturity, Silas joined the party.  For more about that dispute, you can either take our quiz on the book of Mark, or you can just read Acts 15:36-41.

    Next, Paul and Silas soon found themselves in jail, but they sang praises to God anyway, looking to Him for encouragement.  This good attitude was rewarded when God destroyed the prison with an earthquake.  When the jailer, realizing his need for the Lord, asked Paul how to be saved, what was the response?

-Repent and be baptized-

-Fear not-

-Love thy neighbor-

-Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ-