Peter had a vision of a massive sheet with all sorts of animals being lowered.  God told him to slay and eat the animals, but Peter refused because these were unclean.  God told him not to call what He had cleansed unclean.  This was how God let the church know that the old dietary laws of Moses no longer applied.  While we will expound upon it more in later quizzes, I’m sure, remember that you can’t obsess with keeping certain Old Testament things like the Sabbath while ignoring other things like sacrificing animals and keeping all the feasts.  The Bible is very clear that we don’t need to do the old ceremonial laws anymore, and Colossians includes the Sabbath in this.  All the moral laws are repeated and even expounded upon in the New Testament while the ceremonial portions are explicitly stated to be done away with.

Okay, we have a new subject.  What are both the names of the guy that Saul/Paul blinded when he was trying to prevent a man from being saved?