(Lori: Okay, to be fair to Tina, I’ll use parentheses, too, he he!)

(Tina: You are ridiculous, Lori, ha ha!)

(Lori: That is quite the compliment.  Now, congratulations for beating the hard mode, quizzers.  Let us know in the comments that you won, and if you are not yet following us, do so by adding your email to the side and clicking the follow button nearby.)

(Tina: Okay, Lori, I told the secret for the beginner mode.  It’s your turn.)

(Lori: So, it is.)

(Tina: You are obviously prepared with a secret in mind.)

(Lori: Well, it is more of a confession, I guess.  I mean, I suppose I did amp up my usual amount of goofiness for the quizzes.  I’m not usually so, eh, abrasive?  Ha ha!)

(Tina: Ha ha!  True, but I think they understand you’ve just been having fun being competitive with them.)

(Lori: I hope so, ha ha!  Now, that was me being honest, but it wasn’t the actual secret.  I’d like to give a shoutout to my students on New Ruyngard for being the best class of rookie System Guards I could ask for.)

(Tina: Aww!  After the difficult time you used to have with getting any attention among our ranks back when we were the rookies, now, you’re able to put the spotlight on others since you started your own facility for training new heroes.  That’s so neat, Lori.)

(Lori: He he!  I suppose being a supporting role for so long helped me better relate with those who also struggle with feeling overshadowed by the “big kids.”)

(Tina: That’s a cute way of putting it.  You, Lori, are an inspiration.)

(Lori: Eh, I learned from you and the others.  God uses everyone who is willing to obey Him with whatever He says.)

(Tina: Amen!  So then, quizzers, you have heard a thing, and you have finished the quiz.  Now, go forth and be a blessing to someone today!)

(Lori: And try more of our quizzes while you’re at it.)

(Both: See you later!)

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