And it would seem I am now the Game Over Host.  Good job in winning this mode, quizzers.

(Lori: Be sure to follow our website if you haven’t already by adding your email to the side and clicking the relevant button over there.)

    Well, my friends, are you ready for Lady Drill Sergeant?  I’m going to turn you over to her now, so you can choose between the second half of the beginner mode and the hard mode.  Either way, Lori is in charge now.

(Lori: Mwahaha!  No, I will try to not be so intimidating, he he.  Also, if you have yet to take the second half of the beginner mode, you may still want to skim through it to see the secret we share at the end of that.  We also share a secret at the end of the hard quiz, so by finishing the tutorial first, you’ll end up learning two fun secrets about us and our friends.)

That’s exciting, right?  Go ahead and pick the option you want.

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