Hi, Tina.

(Tina: Hi, Lori.)

Since John told Gaius to greet his friends by name, we thought we might as well have fun with doing it, too.

(Tina: Hello, quizzers.)

Hello, graduates.

(Tina: I guess they did just do that, didn’t they?  Congratulations!  Let us know you passed this course in the comments.)

    Do that, and follow our website as well, assuming there are new friends in the group who have yet to do such.  You will find the button for that on the side of the page next to the space where you add your email.  Once you do that, you will receive notifications regarding our new content.

(Tina: Yes, and you don’t want to miss a thing.  Not only do we have new lessons and quizzes on the way, we have more zany material to add to our comic section as well.  Speaking of which, it is time for our first secret.  What are we telling them Lori?)

    Well, we’ve mentioned my kids in a previous quiz, and you guys have said something about your son, Travis.  Care to share something about Serina?

(Tina: My daughter?  I suppose that is a good idea.  She isn’t exactly as adventurous as the rest of the group my kids and yours are a part of, but she is still a good girl.  I guess I can mention a bit about her name.  Not only do I have you, Lori, as my sister-in-law, I had a best friend named Lori as well.  You are aware that she died some time before Rig and I started dating.  However, since Rig’s brother, Mike, married you, I decided to avoid having as many Lori’s as the Bible has books of John, so I named my daughter after two other friends, combining their names together.)

    To clarify, for those of you who haven’t taken the Peter quizzes yet, Tina married Rig Scott, and I married his brother, Mike.  That isn’t too difficult to follow.  Now, go ahead and jump into the next section of this quiz that fits you.  If you are ready for the hard mode, I will be the one in charge of that.  However, if you still need to take the easy mode route, Tina is ready to be your guide once again.

(Tina: So, which one of us is going to be your teacher next?)

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