Introducing my lovely assistant, my wife and partner in crime, Umido Sakuro!

(Umido: My husband’s simply referring to us in teasing.  We do not promote criminal activity, he he!)

    Oh, brother!  Either way, this crazy kid will be in charge of the game over page, so you will have to be careful that you don’t end up there, though she will politely help you make it back to the main page safely.

(Umido: Not to be mean, but if you get a game over, I’d assume you’d need help finding your way back to the main page.  I’m just saying, he he!)

Ouch!  No need to start rubbing it in ahead of time, babe.

(Umido: Nah, the quizzers and I go way back to the Old Testament.  They know I’m just giving them a hard time…I hope.)

    Alright, before my little wife gets herself into trouble, let’s go ahead and start the lesson.  Remember; all these questions will be what you see in the other two modes, so learn these well in order to ace everything later.

(Umido: Besides, I have to harass you about the game over page now, since I doubt I’ll even see you smart quizzers there.)

    I know where we see Paul at this point in the lesson.  Where was he when he wrote this book of the Bible?

-At a synagogue-

-In church-

-At home-

-In prison-

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