Even though John Mark had some rough beginnings, he didn’t give up.  He grew in his faith and eventually became useful enough for Paul to call on him in the apostle’s darkest hour.  Of course, this wasn’t completely dark from Paul’s standpoint as he was eagerly awaiting the moment he would arrive in the presence of Jesus Christ.

(Umido: When you fall, get up!  It’s about how you finish, not how you start.  This also applies to your victories.  When you win, don’t get lazy.  Get going!  Never let your failures drag you down, and never let your successes distract you from your next mission.)

That’s my fiery little assistant.

(Umido: Hehehe!)

    So then, I’ll tell you the first big secret, and then you can do the regular routine of letting us know in the comments you won and continuing on to the next mode.  Okay, so you see me here in this obvious System Guard uniform, and you get the fact that I’m part of the ranks, but I’ll have you know that I’m actually the son of one of the founding members of the SG’s.  That’s right; my mother was on the first System Guard team, way back in the late 80’s.  Of course, as she and Dad raised me, Mom only mentioned a select bits and pieces concerning her career because she was on a dangerous secret mission that required her to spend almost two decades undercover as an average civilian until she was given the “all clear” from HQ.  Yeah, that’s intense!

(Umido: Well, I’m glad she was on that special mission for so long, because you would’ve probably lived in America or in outer space otherwise.  We would’ve never met.)

I totally agree, Umi!  Praise God for good timing!

(Umido: Now, quizzer, finish this challenge with good timing for the other secret we have waiting at the end.  I mean, we’re not timing you, but you should still have some pep in your step, I guess.)

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