Yep, the Bible says that lazy meddlers are just as bad as those other wicked sins.  I’m not saying run to your pastor and insist he kick your sis out of church the minute she comes to tell you some goofy gossip, but God makes it clear that it is very important to stay away from the sins of the heart, as they are usually more deadly than and even the source of the outward junk we’re quick to point our fingers at.

(Susie: Are you implying your sister is a lazy meddler, Mike?  Ha ha!)

(Tom: Well, let me tell you about my sister.)

(Jo: Hey, ha ha!  You’d better be nice, Tommy.)

How do you like that?  I use one hypothetical, and all my clowns here start acting up, ha ha!

(Jo: Of course!  We need something to lighten the mood a little since these are some sensitive topics.)

It’s probably wise, then, to ask the next question and move on to more fun stuff.  To whom did Paul dictate this letter?




-No one-