Yeeeah, you’d better take care of your family, even if you have a ministry.  Your relationship with God comes before even your wife, but that doesn’t mean your ministry is more important than she is.  Your wife is your primary ministry, and your kids are second.  God says that if you neglect or abuse them, you are not a good Christian.  For that matter, this passage, along with others like Ephesians 5, is a good example of how God expects husbands to treat their wives like a precious treasure, not like property.  If you are a woman who thinks the Bible belittles women, I have good news for you.  This is not the case.  God may have different callings for different people, but He expects us all to treat each other with love and with a servant’s heart.  So yeah, don’t be lazy, abusive slobs, guys.

(Jo: Really, that goes for both sides, but I think they understand that.)

    True that, babe.  Okay, it’s time for the next question.  What did Paul say to do with those who walked disorderly and obeyed not the Word?

-Love them-

-Kill them-

-Withdraw from them, but admonish them as a brother-

-Love them, but rebuke them as a brother-

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