Alright, all the people who think I’m saying you can tell when the Rapture is about to happen can rest easy now.  God has promised that the Holy Spirit will stay with us forever.  2 Thessalonians teaches that the Spirit is restraining the Antichrist from appearing, as well as restraining sin in general.  So, before the apostasy and the revelation of the Antichrist, the Holy Spirit has to be taken from Earth, and He has promised to not leave us behind.  When He goes up, we go up.  Get it now?  What this passage is implying is that the Rapture still has to happen before all of this, including the apostasy that would naturally happen without the Holy Spirit present to stop it.  The lie and delusion mentioned in association with the Antichrist is a part of the falling away that can not happen until the Holy Ghost and His eternally attached saints are taken off of this planet.

    And again, we return from the future to the present day with the next question.  What does 1 Timothy say about a man who is too lazy to take care of his family?

-Not much-

-He should be hanged-

-It’s okay if it’s for God-

-He has denied the faith and is worse than an infidel-