Hey, now!  I knew this would happen.  First, the last answer is that David took a census when God said not to.  God then gave David the choice of what his punishment would be, but the king wisely gave that choice back to God, because he trusted God to be wiser and more merciful with the answer.  God chose a plague out of the options, but told David how to curb the destruction.  When David went about to follow these instructions, he went to offer a sacrifice to God.  A well-intended individual offered to help David financially with the sacrifice, but David refused this, as it would ruin the point of sacrifice.

Do you see why God liked David, despite his gross sins?  When he sinned, David always confessed his faults and took the consequences, understanding how God feels about sin.  The king was 100% when it came to loving and praising God, and was 100% when it came to getting right with God.

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