(Lori: Mike, you do the final speech and congrats.  I have a feeling they are angry with me for my overly zealous antics during the hard mode.)

Ha ha!  Have you tried apologizing?

(Lori: How about I do more than just say “I’m sorry”?  Everyone ready?  *Sings* I’m soooorry for being too harsh, but to the fiiiiinal page you did maaaarch, all smart and bold with every woooord until you with joy my apology have heeeeeard.)

That is the most beautiful song I have ever heard in this quiz.

(Lori: I practiced all night for this moment.  I knew I would get too excited with the game overs.)

That’s…sad.  I love you anyway.

(Lori: Don’t you have a story to tell, or something?)

First, let’s congratulate the quizzers.

(Lori: Oh, yeah…. CONGRATULATIONS!!)

    Good job!  You have completed the hard mode and are eligible for the wall of fame on this page.  Just let us know you won by commenting below.  Also, have you started following our website yet?  If not, go ahead and add your email and click the button for that on the side of the page.  That way, you can be notified when we post new quizzes, lessons and comics.

(Lori: And you can joke around with more clowns like Bobby Mike and me?)

Bobby Mike is new.  I like it…I think?

(Lori: Well then, Bobby Mike, tell them the other secret.)

    The secret from the beginner mode got me thinking of how ironic our current living situation is.  I and my siblings tease Grandfather James for being our distant ancestor, and yet we all live in a neighborhood that was established in a country–no, a whole world–of people who consider us even further back as ancestors than we do Grandfather James.

(Lori: I think I will go downtown and demand the name of the city be renamed to Jamestown then.  They can’t deny me.  I have seniority.)

    Yes, we shall see how that goes.  In the meantime, the secret is yet another mystery.  How can I live in the same time as my distant ancestor and my distant descendants?  I suppose you shall have to wait for that riddle to be answered when our new comics make their debut…at some point…in the future.

(Lori: Well, that gave them hope. 🙄)

I tried, ha ha!  Oh, well.  Quizzers, thank you for playing this game, and thank you for the wonderful company.

(Lori: We hope you enjoy the other lessons, and that you learn much about the Lord.)

    Keep your eyes open for more updates on our challenging lessons and our goofy adventures.  I hope it makes you laugh as you seek to know more about your own world and the God that made it.  Farewell for now.

(Lori: Auf Wiedersehen!)

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