The answer was…not blonde, but that’s all my eyes see.

(Lori: Incorrect, Mikey.  I clearly see half of your face in the camera.  Do not falsely accuse my cranial aim.  Tell them the answer to get your mind off of mine in your face, he he.)

    How persistent.  So, the Lord moved the men to speak and write exactly what He wanted, as a father would hold the hand of a small child to help them write.  The child is holding the pen, but the father is the author.

(Lori: Also, no one makes a complaint about the human authors dictating to others.  We don’t say Baruch wrote Jeremiah and that Silvanus wrote 1 Peter.)

Though we do say Mark wrote Mark, despite it potentially being Peter’s testimony, but that is a special case, ha ha.

(Lori: The point is, Michael, that as we understand dictating doesn’t negate authorship, nor does it jeopardize accuracy, this makes the Bible even more reliable.  God didn’t just relay His message.  He helped the humans write the letters.)

Okay, we have said much about this.  Which preacher of righteousness was spared when God destroyed the old world with a flood?