Who else would we mention in this quiz series, as far as apostles go, but Paul?

(Lori: I think that was supposed to be funny.  Did you laugh?  That’d be one of us, heh heh.  Also, did you enjoy confusing the quizzers with the introduction to that last question, having them believe they were done with the lesson, only to dash their hopes as they realized there were nine more to go?)

For all this criticism, I think I’m speeding up the second half so I do not have to endure such cruelty for my humor.

(Lori: Oh, don’t be sore, Mikey, he he.)

I’m no more offended than Paul was, I’m sure, at Peter’s comments.  What did Peter admit about Paul’s writings?

-They were offensive-

-They were false-

-They were too lenient-

-They were hard to understand-