Peter is saying that even though he personally saw Jesus transfigured and talking with Moses and Elijah as God loudly declared that Jesus was His beloved Son, the Bible is a more sure word of prophecy than Peter’s own personally testimony.  That is certainty!

(Lori: Soitenly!)

I think you mean certainly, love.

(Lori: He he!  Can I not sound American for one second, Robert Michael?  Ha ha!)


(Lori: Well, be that way, ha ha!  Shall we at least tell the quizzing class what they have just accomplished?)

    Class, you have just graduated.  It is at this point that you can take the true challenge of the lesson.  First, I will tell you a secret, Lori will sing a song, then you will be on your way.

(Lori: I’m doing what?…)

    While the System Guards plan to have a character glossary on the website in the very near future, Lori and I have already filled out our bio cards for that, and I can confirm our children were not listed on either of our cards.  Why is this?  Well, it is because of Sonia, Honey, Star, Christine Lola, Dawn, Dutrina and Shayla for starters.

(Lori: And we can’t forget the girls’ older brother, Bobby.)

    I am not sure that you caught what I said, so I shall spell it out more clearly.  We have eight children altogether.  God has blessed us with quite the family.

(Lori: We are working on our own country.)

Um, no, we are not.

(Lori: Ha ha ha!  Ah, time travel….)

    Those are distant descendants, and their country isn’t even named anything related to us, so it does not count, Lori.

(Lori: We’d better continue the quiz before you freak out, my love.  We don’t want them dozing off as they try to imagine what bizarre space adventure we shall tell them about in the finale’s secret.)

    Oh, that is right; we have one more secret to discuss.  What shall it be?  Find out after you have completed the hard mode!

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