(Lori: God wants everyone to be saved!!)

    Unfortunately, not everyone obeys the will of God, and since the Lord has chosen to give us free will, many souls will deny themselves the beauty of heaven out of their own selfishness.

(Lori: But don’t be discouraged, because there will still be billions of people who turn to God, meaning heaven shall be quite the eventful place to be!)

    You are very right, my excited, beautiful wife.  Your enthusiasm makes me want to go now, but of course, we must finish the quiz first.

(Lori: And life in general, Mike.)

    Ha ha!  Perceptive as ever!  Now, the question is whether or not the quizzers will be as perceptive in the second half of this lesson.

(Lori: For that matter, quizzers, you have the option to test yourself in the easy mode, seeing how you know everything from the first ten questions.  Shall you do that, or do you prefer to finish this lesson before taking the real quiz?)

What would you like to do?

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