Athaliah tried to eliminate the line of Judah, which would have killed the promise of the Messiah.  It’s stuff like this that disgusts me.  Sure, there were evil kings and queens, but Jezebel specifically tried to eradicate the presence of God in all the Northern Kingdom while her sister-in-law tried to eliminate the promise of the Messiah in the south, though her focus was probably more on ruling than thinking, “Hey, I don’t want that Promise to come.”  It wouldn’t surprise me though.

Okay, rant over.  So Jezebel died, Athaliah eventually died and this good person died.  However, his death was much more honorable, in so much that during a battle, there was a dead soldier who was thrown in this person’s grave (don’t ask me), and when he touched the bones of the old guy, this fighter came back to life.  Whose corpse resurrected somebody else?




-The Shunnamite’s son-