Well, that will be a fun way to start the hard mode, though I wish this was question 16 so it would be the question you’d keep seeing after the hard level’s checkpoint.  Am I disturbing?  He he!  The graphically slaughtered person was Jezebel, hon.  I’m not a sicko, I promise.

-She tried to destroy the royal line of Judah-

-She tried to destroy the nation of Israel-

-She tried to destroy the temple-

-She tried to offer a pig on the Ark of the Covenant-

Hey, Quick Draw, if you actually get that without reading my question, props to you, ha ha!  Though, I doubt you’d be reading this part if you already clicked something.  Oh well.  So, in the south, Jezebel’s daughter, Athaliah, tried to keep the family tradition of being pagan jerks alive by doing one of the options above.  What did she try and got killed for (well, eventually, after several years of thinking she succeeded)?