(Xames: That was quicker than I thought it would be.)

    It was quite quick, my trusty assistant.  Your cheering succeeded in pushing them to victory.  Perhaps, I shall buy you a donut later.

(Xames: Oo, that sounds delightful.)

    I suppose we should at least pretend to be serious for a few moments.  Quizzers, you did a wonderful job with our lesson and challenge today.  Let us know in the comments that you completed this mode, and definitely make sure you are following us by adding your email and clicking the follow button on the side.  You don’t want to miss our new material, that’s for sure.

(Xames: Now, what about that other secret, dear?)

I was wondering if you and Sarah ever get jealous of the new kids taking the spotlight.

(Xames: What?  Ha ha, no, I don’t mind at all.  Why would you say that?)

    I don’t know.  One minute, you and your siblings are the way of the future, and the next minute, you are just another historical figure in the background of the newest set of heroes.

(Xames: That’s the way it goes, my love.  I enjoy watching our descendants follow in our footsteps.)

So, you never get jealous of the twins?

(Xames: Of course not.  Aren’t they supposed to host one of the quizzes after Revelation?)

No, I don’t mean those twins; I mean the other twins.  You know…the Rugs.

(Xames: Oh.  Can we even mention them yet?)

You’re right; I will leave it at that.

(Xames: But that was quite sneaky, advertising them like that.  I am impressed.)

    Why, thank you!  Quizzers, I have given the lesson, and I have given our strange secrets.  You will have to keep up with us to learn more about what we have in store for our website.  In the meantime, please make use of our Bible materials, as well as our more lighthearted, wackier side.  Thank you so much for spending time with us.  Have a blessed day!

(Xames: Say hi to a James today.)

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