John decided that he had so much to say, it’d be better to simply tell them in person.

(Xames: It is just like when I need to tell my wife in person that I love her, and that she is the coolest girl in all of Germany and New Ruyngard combined.)

Ha ha!  I love you, too, husband, but they don’t know where New Ruyngard is.

(Xames: Ah!  Sorry, I suppose I am telling more lore secrets before we even finish the tutorial.)

    Ah, it is fine.  I guess there is so much to uncover, extra clues will not spoil the surprise.  However, we can at least tell them one secret if we stop blabbing and ask this final question, ha ha!  Who sent their greeting to the elect lady and her children?

-The Bridegroom-

-All those that were with John-

-Paul and Timothy-

-The children of her elect sister-