Earlier, we asked about what people were walking in, and the answer was truth.  Now, we are discussing those people.  While Uncle Canbel is standing on the side of the screen, the lady’s children were the people walking in truth.

(Canbel: Sup?)

(Meg: Are you going to be helpful, hon, or just stand there?)

(Canbel: It depends on how much I get paid, ha ha!)

Great-uncle Canbel, won’t you ask the next question for us?  Surely, you won’t say no to your little niece, now will you?

(Canbel: Ha ha!  Oh, brother.  Okay, so what is the question?)

(Meg: Look at the card behind the camera.)

(Canbel: I see.  What commandment did John write from the beginning?)

-Be holy, because God is holy-

-Love God and love people-

-Love one another-

-Fear God and keep His commandments-