Do any of you recognize this handsome boy to my left?

(Xames: Ha ha!  Or do you at least recognize me?)

    Oh, Xames, don’t be silly.  You are my handsome man whom I love dearly, and you are going to be the one in charge of the game overs.  I mean, that was the plan, but I can handle it by myself if you wish.

(Xames: I think we should remind our viewers who can’t hear us that my name is pronounced James.  Our native tongue has fun with the spelling of such old names.)

    Megan is a wonderful name that has remained untouched by our modern vernacular.  At any rate, we should begin the lesson before we tell too many of our secrets before we get to the end of the game.

(Xames: I highly agree.  You may begin, my love.)

Alright, this is a no-brainer.  Who wrote 2 John?