John gave the regards of the elect lady’s elect sister’s children.

(Xames: …Whoever these elect children are.)

Ha ha, Xames!  You had better behave, or I shall have your sister come deal with you.

(Xames: She is too busy preparing for the Jude quiz, so I believe you are still outnumbered.)

    Not with Great-great-great-great-great-great-great-uncle Canbel and Aunt Meg standing nearby, you don’t.

(Xames: That is James Scott’s brother and sister-in-law, in case you were not aware.  Congratulations on graduating, by the by.)

    OH!  Husband, you totally caused me to forget!  Quizzer, I am so sorry!  I forgot that you just graduated!! 😂  I hope you will forgive this silly instructor for neglecting such a wonderful student as yourself.  For your effort, I shall reward you with the first (official) secret of this quiz.

(Xames: Yes, because we can’t count any of the other things we’ve mentioned against you so far, ha ha.)

    I must explain the spelling for my husband’s name.  Now, my father-in-law was, well, I suppose he liked to think outside of the box.  Instead of spelling his son’s name like his own, James, he somehow convinced himself that the Greek X, the Hebrew Yod and Chet, and the English J were all related enough that he could get away with using an X and convince the world to just go along with this and still pronounce the boy’s name the same way.  Well, you see how that went.  My husband often uses the traditional spelling just to make things easier.

(Xames: It isn’t that bad.)

    HOWEVER, because my husband and his siblings are such well-known heroes in our time, his unique spelling of the name has become popular enough that people have finally fulfilled James II’s dream of his son’s weird title becoming a worldwide sensation.

(Xames: Can we go on to the next mode now?  Ha ha!)

(Canbel: So, just like you have 3 Johns, we Scotts have 3 James, and Xames is numero tres.)

    Well, while you worry about more people named James and Meg popping up, go ahead and try your hand at the actual quiz.  We will be eagerly awaiting your grand victory.

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