I bet you think you won the game, didn’t you?  My, how shocked you’re going to be to learn this is a game over for you!

(Paul: Yep, it’s a game over, that’s for sure.)

(Romana: You have beaten the game.)

(I.C.: That would imply the game is over, ha ha!)

    He he!  Did you like what we did there?  Great job on finishing this quiz with such style and speed.  It’s because of that I want to share this very, very special treat with you about our history on New Ruyngard.  If you felt cheated with the girls having to give my secret for me in the beginning mode, I definitely think this will make up for that.  Change the monitor, please, I.C..

(I.C.: Yes, ma’am!  Hey, you should comment your victory while I’m switching the picture, haha!)

(I.C.: I switched the picture.)

    As space explorers, the System Guards have colonized a plethora of planets, and New Ruyngard is one of them.  I’m wanting to break into a travel brochure speech, but I’ll stay on topic.  The funny thing about New Ru’s environment is that it blends the DNA of the residents just enough so that, no matter what, all the kids a few generations later will have the same ethnicity, the same set of superpowers and so forth.  Sure, we can put in the hard work to improve our skills, but at the end of the day, everybody is kind of the same.  That said, one of the side effects is that every guy and girl would look basically like what’s on the screen, if we didn’t meddle with things.  Using our advanced tech, we’ve made it so that parents can choose what their kids look like, meaning I.C. and myself inherited our looks from our ancestors by the deliberate choice of our respective parents, not by traditional ancestry methods.

(I.C.: Greco’s from Earth, but her mother chose what she’d look like using other means.)

(Romana: And now, you are even more confused!  No need to thank us for just doing our job, ha ha!)

    As we’ve said before, if you’re wondering how all this funky stuff fits in with us telling Bible lessons, not only do we explain this in our current comics section, I have a feeling the System Director is about to give you guys something that will reveal even more of how our little universe works and what relevance it has to your neighborhood.

(Girls: OOooooOoooo!)

(Paul: Aaaaaaaaaaaah!)

    So, you definitely want to make sure you are following our website so you can learn more about us as the days pass.  Besides, you can ignore our goofy tales and simply focus on the Bible materials we offer, if that’s really how you want to be about things, ha ha.  In either case, you can follow us by doing what the instructions say on the side of the page regarding the matter.

(I.C.: Guys, this is the end of the Game Over Council.  Our time with the audience is over until the next project.)

(Romana: Aw, I wish you hadn’t said it that way.  Quizzers, you have been so wonderful to me and my friends for the past three quizzes.  I know we shall hang out again in some other capacity, so I will look forward to that.  Farewell for now!)

(I.C.: Yes, and thanks for enduring my fiery form of comedy.  I’m sure we’ll see you guys again, but if not…you follow God with everything you’ve got, okay?!  Seeya, guys!)

    Thanks again for giving us the privilege of being your guides for Romans and 1 & 2 Corinthians.  This has truly been a highlight of my time here as a System Guard.  I sincerely hope you were blessed by this quiz.  I hope you had fun with our jokes and lore, but even more so, I hope that the truth and reality of God’s Word helped you grow and be encouraged in some way.  I’m System Guard Kimberly K., these are my friends, I.C. Mendez and Greco Romana, and we are signing off with our newly made SG Bible Challenge Quiz Cheer.  Ready, girls?

(The Girls & Paul: Quiiiiiiz ON!!)

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