Way back in Genesis 1, we see that God refers to the sky, outer space and the place we think of as heaven.  The souls of the the believers go to the third heaven, while the birds and planes fly in what you could call the first heaven.

(I.C.: And as a System Guard, it should not be surprising that we have several missions in the second heaven.)

(Romana: So, would that make us astronauts “second angels”.)

He he!  That’s cute, Romana, but let’s not confuse the quizzers with the Bible’s description of angels versus the faulty stereotype.

(Romana: But there is no stereotype of angels in spacesuits. 😉 )

Next question, when did Paul most likely go to heaven?

-When Jesus appeared to him-

-While he was in Arabia-

-When he was shipwrecked-

-When he was stoned at Lystra-