You have made it to the end.

(Muse: You never cease to amaze me, quizzers.  Now, record your victory in the comments, follow our website if you haven’t yet, hear Tsuno tell you a secret, then go show Ten and Umido the quizzing skills you’ve displayed for us time and time again!)

Indeed, I owe you one final secret.  I like cats.  We have a Siberian and a Himalayan.

(Muse: I hope my pun doesn’t offend any of our friends from Tibet or Nepal when I say it’d be a better description of our cats to say “Him a layin’ around the house,” since that’s what they do all day.)

    And now, you know more about our cozy little family.  I hope you enjoyed this lesson.  Tell the hosts of 2 Timothy we said hello.

(Muse: I’ll catch you guys in the shorter lessons, I’m sure.  Seeya!)

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