Chapter 2 points out that it is God’s will for everyone to be saved.  However, this brings up the subject of God’s preferred will in comparison to God’s will in light of what He knows will happen.  It was not God’s preferred will for Adam and Eve to sin, but since He knew they would, He already had a perfect plan that not only accounted for their disobedience, but actually resulted in something very beautiful that we could not experience otherwise, and that is the full understanding of God’s love and grace.

(Muse: So, even though it’s God’s will that everyone accept Him, He will not force them to do so.  God does not want robots.  He wants us to choose for ourselves.  And even though the end is very sad for those that don’t accept His help, the Lord can still use this fact to teach those that are willing to listen to Him.)

    As far as teaching you about this book is concerned, we are halfway through now, so pick between trying the easy mode before continuing and reviewing the hard questions before taking the entire challenge together.

(Muse: Which one will you choose?)

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