I think most of you understand that the type of kissing Paul was referring to was the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern equivalent to shaking hands, and that this was the simple kiss on the cheek, not the romantic kind.

(Susie: It’s the kind of kiss Tom and I would give to our kids, not to each other, ha ha!)

    Now that we have answered the final question, I can congratulate you on your graduation from this class.  Good job!  If you want to tell us about this little achievement in the comments, go ahead.

(Susie: You should also follow our website by clicking the button for that on the side, assuming you haven’t already done so.)

    With all of this taken care of, let me tell you a secret, then we’ll go to the next mode.  My codename is Polar Blast, and Susie’s brother Mike is my partner Grizzly Blaze.  So, because of the fact that you always see me with Mike, and the fact that you don’t see me in the early years of our comic series, you might be surprised to learn that AB was my first best friend.  When we were all kids, my sister and I used to hang out with him all the time.  Heh, even though he was a month older, I’d tell everyone that he was my cool big brother.  Man, that was a long time ago!

(Susie: Isn’t that cute, guys?  I actually remember this because Mike and I met Tommy and his sister Jovo right before both of our families were moved due to both sets of parents being System Guards.)

    Yeah, I used to call AB my big brother.  I was only six after all.  Well, anyway, I figured I might as well pay some homage to our childhood so the guy doesn’t think I’ve completely forgotten.

(Susie: How precious.  Now, go ahead and take the actual quiz, quizzer, so you can read Tommy’s other cute secret.)

Oh, brother….

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