Congratulations!  You passed the beginner’s course!  The final answer was Samuel.  God let Samuel, who had passed away, appear to Saul and tell him that, ironically, he would be dead by the next day.  Thus, what Saul was doing to the magic users would be done to him, but he was going to be with Samuel, implying Saul wasn’t going to hell, because he was still a believer.

Now, we need to talk a minute.  From here, you can either try what modes you haven’t played yet or you can visit other things on our website, but one thing I’d like to ask that you at least pray about is supporting us.  Everything here is free, but we’d really like to be able to expand what we do so we can be more effective in our sharing Jesus Christ with the world.  Is that something you can pray about?

You do what God leads you to do.


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