The weapon that David used to best Goliath was the trusty sling.  Now, this isn’t like a slingshot you might see today.  A sling is a strap of leather or cloth you put a rock into and swing round and round until the rock is moving like a little jet.  Then you launch the rock at your target.  While it was a miracle of God that David killed Goliath in one shot, it should still be noted that his tool of choice wasn’t a trivial kid’s toy.

Speaking of trivial, or rather of trivia, you have made it halfway through the beginner’s course of this quiz.  So now, you can save this page to your favorites and decided whether you want to test your memory of what you’ve learned so far in the easy mode or continue this course.  Do what you want, hon.  Pray about it, if you need to.  I’d offer to make you a snack, but ya know…screens and all.


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