Abigail is AB’s favorite wife of David.  Christian Scott says the same, while pointing out the humor of this statement.  Anyway, what we have to discuss next is not humorous at all.  It’s about the death of King Saul, the once great man whose pride brought him very, very low.

After chasing David, on and off, for several years, Saul went to war with the Philistines.  Because of this, Saul sought God’s counsel, but was ignored because the king was a wicked monster who did nothing but fight the Lord.  So, the hierarchical hypocrite got a medium who could communicate with the dead, right after he had just gone around to kill them all in the name of the Lord.

He found a lady who would summon his desired spirit, but she freaked out when she learned her employer was the one imposing death on those who practiced what he was asking of her.  He promised to spare her, so she did her job.  What city was she from?




-Mt. Carmel-