So, as the Ark of the Covenant departed from Israel, so did the glory.  That poor kid, having to go around with that name.  And it’s said “Ik-ih-bod”, not “Itchy bod,” hahaha!  I thought about making one of the potential meanings “Shower more,” but I didn’t want to just give you an answer.

Okay, now once the Ark was taken by the Philistines, God showed everyone He doesn’t need an army to fight for Him.  He let it get taken in the first place to show Israel they need to be holy and depend on Him rather than using His stuff as a good luck charm as they carelessly still sinned.  God judged the Philistines by randomly destroying one of their deity statues, as well as killing several of their people with this physical ailment.  What humiliating way did God have these bad dudes die?



-Tumors or Hemorrhoids-

-Infected Toe-