I thought of a much better secret!

(Tina: Oh?  Did you hear that, quizzers?  Not only have you completed the hard mode, you will be treated to the highly anticipated “better secret.”)

    First, do not forget to record your victory in the comments below, or to follow us if you have yet to do so.  You can simply add your email and click the follow button on the side of the page.

(Tina: Very good!  Okay, secret time, my lovable husband!)

    Well, I believe the AB & Sister special comic episodes covered the era leading up to when my siblings and I took over what is called Storyboard X.  However, I am more interested in the generation after us, and I am specifically referring to our son, Travis Scott.

(Tina: Do tell!)

Well, I say this, but I am technically referring to another version of our Travis.  Do you remember the System Guard named Elena Burt?

(Tina: They don’t, but I surely do.)

    I hear she and her friend, Charis, have met another version of our son out there…somewhere.  It is quite the addition to their little team, I imagine.

(Tina: Does he come from another version of you and me?)

I do not know, but it sounds quite interesting, does it not?

(Tina: I guess I readers will have to stay tuned for more to do with that.)

    They will.  Now, getting back to the more serious material, thank you for playing the game with us, quizzers.  We have enjoyed your company, and we hope you will continue to learn more about the Lord, as well as take humor from our ridiculous antics.

(Tina: You should remember to tell our cohorts in the next quiz that Rig and I send our deepest regards.)

    Yes, Mike and Lori will greatly benefit you with their wonderful spirit as they continue the two-part epic of Peter, ha ha.  I am Rig Scott, and I pray you have a blessed day, serving the Lord.

(Tina: Until we meet again, friend!)

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