(Tina: And now, you have another accomplishment for which you can praise your God.)

    Yes!  By the Lord’s wisdom, you accurately answered all the questions of the easy mode.  You should let everyone know in the comments below.

(Tina: Also, have you made sure you are following us by adding your email on the side and clicking the follow button?  If not, quickly do that.)

    After you have done so, you will be ready to try the hard mode.  However, not only do you have the opportunity to practice for that in the latter half of the beginner session, I suggest you take the second part of the tutorial first so you can see the secret we’ll share at the end.  We will share another secret at the end of hard mode, so finishing both the second part of beginner mode and defeating the hard mode will earn you two amazing System Guard secrets.

(Tina: Are you very excited?  Let us then get started.)

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