John Mark was the other person with Peter.

(Tina: Many scholars believe it was actually Peter’s account of his time with Christ that John Mark was writing about when he authored the book of Mark.  You could say it was the Gospel of Peter but with J.M. getting the credit, he he!)

    You can learn more about that later in the quiz for said book.  In the meantime, we have a graduation to celebrate.  Won’t you let us know about your achievement in the comments?

(Tina: And kick back for a second as we tell you a secret about our story.  Rig, what is this secret?)

We are both wearing shoes off camera.

(Tina: Ha ha!  That is no secret.  I am sure they expect us to be wearing footwear as we stand before them.  Shall you tell them a thing, or shall I reveal your real name, Riggy, dear?)

    Ha ha!  Do not bother with that.  I am confident they will read it in time.  Well, besides letting them know that we and our comrades are, indeed, from the future, or that your maiden name Titus could’ve had you hosting the quiz from four books ago, what should I mention?  We have more cats than Muse and Tsuno, with us specifically owning about as many cats as Keb has animals in her zoo.

(Tina: Hmm, I would not say we have quite that many.  Twenty is nowhere near as many as the old “two of every kind.”)

    I agree, ha ha!  I am also relieved that we thought of one secret, though we must make the other much more, hmm, impactful.

(Tina: We must.  Quizzer, go ahead and take the rest of the quiz while we think of a more exciting secret, ha ha!)

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