(Christian: You did it, just like I said you would.)

    You have completed the hard mode, and that means we have a new champion.  Record this victory in the comments so that all may see it.  Also, if you are not following our website, you can do so by adding your email and hitting the button for that on the side of the page.  With this all done, listen to our other secret, and you can go about your day, he he!

(Chris: What are we telling them this time, dear?)

    Heh heh, well, I’m sure some of our friends have started reading some of the comics on our website by now, and that could have many of them assuming you know Trixie Todd and her techbot friends.  However, I will remind everyone that the Christian Scott there is a different person.  That being said, while his Mera Scott is a quiet librarian, I have to admit that it took me quite a while to reach that level of peaceful spirit.

(Chris: Ah, yes!  You and your sisters were quite the rebels when we met you.  Occasionally, your fiery side sparks up, but you usually do a good job of keeping your temper these days.)

    That is the power of God, my husband.  My rude attitude would not be overcome any other way.  So then, now that you know more about me and my doppleganger, he he, I shall bid you farewell for now.

(Chris: I think those of you who know me from the When You Really Think About It series recognize James will not let this quiz series end without me hosting one of my own.  So, when my turn comes, I will be sure to brighten your day with Mera’s beautiful presence once more.  Until then, keep following the Lord with all your heart.)

And until then, keep smiling and laughing.  A merry heart does good like a medicine, you know.

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