Well done!  You completed the easy mode.

(Christian: That was not bad at all!  I’m sure the hard part will go just as smoothly for you, but before you head that way, we have some things to tell you.)

    First, you should let us know you won in the comments, and if you have not followed our website yet, you should do that by adding your email to the side and clicking the follow button.

(Christian: After that, you’ll have the choice between the second half of the beginner mode and the hard mode, but I suggest that those of you that skipped the first half of the tutorial still at least skim the second portion in order to read the secret we have at the end.  That way, you will see both the secret from the end of beginner mode and the secret from the end of hard mode.)

That is two secrets and a brief review to ready yourself for the hard mode.  This is a bargain.

(Christian: So then, what will you do, friend?)

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